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Wardrobe Refresh | Fab4 April 2023

Spring has sprung, and spring cleaning is in full force for many of us. We’re clearing out the cobwebs, opening the windows for fresh air, and scrubbing down the baseboards. Many of us are also cleaning our closets and shopping for a fresh look.

If you’re a frugal fashionista or want to be more eco-minded in your sartorial choices, 4Squares has you covered (pun intended) with our favorite stores for a wardrobe refresh.

SwapIt, 363 Main Street, Medford, MA

Located near the intersection of Harvard and Main Streets in South Medford, SwapIt is where thrifting and personal styling meet. Based on a membership model, shoppers — or Swappers— bring in clothing items they no longer love and leave with the ones they do! The racks are brimming with designer-label dresses, blouses, jeans, and sweaters in various sizes, and scarves, jewelry, and other accessories available to complete the perfect outfit you'll wear again and again.

Newcomers can always give Swapping a try with One Free Swap, but like potato chips, you'll soon find one Swap isn't enough:

Photo Credit: The SwapIt space! Private Dressing Rooms included.

We Thieves, 1307 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

Whether you're looking for a little black dress or something to lounge in, We Thieves offers a stunning selection of vintage clothing and accessories to cultivate your signature style. Their designer vintage includes Prada and Gucci, but you can also find your next favorite button-down top or spring skirt with a pop of color. Their apothecary collection includes tortoise-shell hair combs and clips and luxurious hair and skincare products to help you feel good head-to-toe.

Start your shopping spree with a 15% savings when you sign up for their email list at

Photo Credit, clockwise from top left: the racks at Swap It, scarf from We Theives, jean jackets galore at Garment District.

Plato's Closet, 100 River St, Waltham, MA

Is your teen lamenting that they have “nothing to wear” and begging for you to take them to the mall? Now’s the time to turn them on to the magic of thrifting by making a detour to Plato’s Closet.

The Waltham location is a haven for trendsetters, with racks and racks of gently used brand clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Teens and twenty-somethings can sell their clothes for cash, saving mom and dad's pocketbook. Brands include American Eagle, Levi, Abercrombie, and many more.

Book an appt to sell clothes and get shopping!

The Garment District, 200 Broadway, Cambridge,

A list of thrift clothing stores wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to The Garment District, the sartorial thrifting choice since the 1980s. The Garment District landed on the thrifting map with their signature By The Pound shopping, where shoppers sort through bales of every style and decade all mixed together, paid for by weight ($2.00 per pound). Now, the District has expanded to nearly 12,000 square feet of throwback items. Whether hunting for a new suit for work or the perfect outfit for a 1990s theme party, The District is your one-stop shop for budget-conscious fashion - their vast inventory makes it easy to find the size you need.

Join The Garment District email list to stay up-to-date on promotions and events at

This year, we'll be sharing local favorites from the 4Squares staff - Abby, Judi 411 and of course Jen - for all seasons, and from all the towns & cities we love in the greater Boston area. So every month, look for our top 4 - this month it's four options for a special drink.

Showcasing the best of the Boston-area is one of our favorite ways to help our readers (and clients!) love the way they live in Medford and beyond. Drop us a note at and tell us your hidden gems hangouts! Want more? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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