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Fab4 | Local Garden Shops

Plot Ahead for Your Garden

Calling all green thumbs and budding garden enthusiasts! As we await nature’s rich pageant of blossoms and buds, it's time to plot (pun intended!) to make our outdoor sanctuaries all we’ve dreamed of while hibernating. 

In our ode to all things botanical, the 4Squares team has cultivated our Top 4 Local Garden Shops List. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just tiptoeing through the tulips for the first time, prepare to be inspired and delighted as we show you where to get the garden goods.

Mahoney’s, 242 Cambridge Street, Winchester, MA 

While Mahoney’s boasts eight locations, their Winchester store stands as the go-to haven for Medford residents seeking horticultural expertise and a haven for their green ambitions. More than just a garden shop, Mahoney's acts as a guiding light for gardening enthusiasts with their comprehensive online planting guide, offering wisdom at the click of a button (you know, for those late-night questions that keep you up at night?). 

In addition to their regular offerings, the Winchester location seamlessly blends gardening with fresh produce. As each season changes, they provide plants and farm goods, inviting folks to savor locally grown fruits and veggies while nurturing their passion for gardening.

Wagon Wheel - 927 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 

Based in Lexington, the Wagon Wheel is more than your typical gardening center—it's a haven that blossomed from its roots in landscape maintenance in 1952. Since then, it's flourished into a one-stop spot, offering garden essentials and a delightful farmstand and deli. With a rich history spanning generations and a transformation to a post and beam farmstand in 2000, it's a place where tradition meets modern convenience for all gardening and culinary enthusiasts.

McCue’s Garden Center - 200 Cambridge Road, Woburn, MA

McCue Garden Center, acclaimed as Boston's Best Nursery in 2021, shines with its renowned Victory Garden Boxes. These curated selections, highlighted on WCVB Chronicle, offer options like the Julia Child Box with Chives, Bay Leaves, Oregano, Rosemary, and Cilantro. Herb lovers can opt for the "Nothing But Herbs" or the fragrant "Tea Time" boxes, each featuring a unique blend of aromatic plants. These meticulously crafted boxes are a testament to McCue Garden Center's commitment to providing diverse and expertly curated offerings beyond just plants.

Photos, clockwise from top left: Signs of Spring at Ricky's Flower Market, Somerville; hydrangeas at the Wagon Wheel, on the Lexington-Waltham line, sod at the Wagon Wheel and raised beds, On Sale at McCue's in Woburn.

Ricky’s Flower Market - 238 Washington Street, Somerville, MA 

Ricky's Flower Market is a haven for urban gardeners, offering a welcoming space that feels like a second home. Their treasure trove includes an extensive collection of seeds catering to every gardening whim. But it doesn't stop there—this oasis for plant lovers boasts an impressive range of pottery that's sure to complement any outdoor display. From wooden window boxes and whisky barrels to elegant Italian terra cotta and even orbs for terrariums, they've got all your potting needs covered. The vibrant and glazed pottery collection is a visual feast, complementing their offerings perfectly. Plus, they go the extra mile, providing custom planting services that elevate the gardening experience to an art form.

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