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Our Very Merry Medford Gift Guide | Musical

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The holidays rock, at least, around here they do. Boston is a great music town with lots of great local talent - large and small - in the communities nearby. Whether you're taking lessons or buying classics here's a few ideas for the musically-minded.

vinyl index, Bow Market, Somerville, MA

If you’ve always wanted to bring the music of your era to the younger folks in your life (we’re looking at you, aunties and uncles!), then vinyl index is where to stop and shop. Sign up for the index Kids 45 Club and start their journey into the vinyl culture and various musical genres. Make it a complete musical ensemble by adding in one of the store’s turntables for a gift they’re sure to remember for a very long time!

Cheapo Records, 538 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Whether you're a long-time vinyl-record lover or introducing a teen to the musical medium, Cheapo Records in Central Square is a must-stop on your Cambridge tour. Flip through the 45 rpm singles for music nostalgia on steroids, an experience you can't get on iTunes or the internet.

No matter the musical genre – Oldies, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Blues, Rock n Roll, Disco, or Soundtracks – Cheapo will bring the music to your ears on vinyl, CDs, or cassettes (!). There's also a selection of vintage concert t-shirts available.

Stereo Jack’s, 736 Broadway, Somerville, MA

Everything that’s old is new again at Stereo Jack’s, the latest addition to the nearby Ball Square business district. Since 1982, musician-turned-music-store-owner Jack Woker has been sharing his encyclopedic knowledge and love of music with his customers. Strolling through the store is like a trip down memory lane for die-hard music fans, and the eclectic decorative elements like the Elvis bust in the window add to its charm. The shelves are teeming with records, CDs, and 78’s, plus wood shelving for storing musical treasures.

Even closer to home, Medford's newest music venue, Deep Cuts, has a vinyl shop and is hosting a special Black Friday Sale this year!!

Music Emporium 165 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA

If there’s a Guitar Heaven, it probably looks a lot like the Music Emporium. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner acoustic guitar or a vintage collectible instrument, you’ll find it here. Music Emporium also has an impressive array of mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles, plus all the accessories that guitar junkies crave -- intricately embossed leather straps and elegant wooden stands to guitar cases, picks, and capos. You name it, it’s here, and the expert staff is happy to help you pick the perfect gift (pun intended).

Or, if you like to give gift experiences, a show at the Chevalier or dinner at Medford's newest musical venue, The Porch, might be the way to go - depending on taste. We won't tell if you buy these for your own self.

And don't forget lessons with local legend Laura Brereton, or a donation to one of our great local radio stations - from WERS to WGBH and beyond!

Looking for local recs for a bookish friend? Or your favorite funky homebody? We've got those too - in our Very Merry Medford Gift Guide.

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