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Meet Me in Medford | Gather Around the Hearth

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Fireside Options For Your Medford Home

When the weather outside is frightful... the fire is so delightful...

Gathering the family around a crackling fire can be one of the joys of the colder months, which many Medford homeowners can appreciate. Whether it's a built-in fireplace or stand-alone stove, a home hearth adds charm and ambiance, provides additional heat, and holds the potential to add value to your home.

As we return to nesting in the great indoors, check out our resources to purchase, maintain, and decorate around the fireside. Whether you're an enthusiast or newbie, we're betting you'll warm up to the possibilities! 

Where to Shop

Fireplaces have come a long way! Homeowners are no longer limited to the traditional brick wood-burning fireplace, and thanks to technology, it's become easier to add one to your home. 

HearthWorks Centers in North Reading offers a large variety of gas and wood fireplaces and wood, gas, or coal stoves, and a wide selection of wood and gas inserts. Their certified personnel assist with purchase options, installation, repair, and maintenance for fireplace projects. Custom design options are also available.

Fire Element in Saugus focuses on gas fireside products for your home. Specialists retrofit wood-burning fireplaces with modern gas inserts, which create a sleek look and increase heat efficiency. Fire Element also offers a selection of stand-alone stoves that bring a rustic charm to a family room or den, and pair purchases with maintenance plans. Check out their online showroom, which features colonial to contemporary, and custom designs.  

Are you dreaming of a custom-built fireplace from brick or stone? Sullivan Masonry brings the expertise, customer service, and project management skills to complete projects of any scope, design, or size. Owner Daniel Sullivan specializes in residential projects, including indoor and outdoor fireplaces, which are not only functional but genuinely works of art!

Sullivan manages each project from the design phase through the completion, with expertise and care. He is also the go-to mason for chimney repointing and restoration. Take a peek at the before-and-after photos of 4Squares founder Jennifer Keenan’s chimney and marvel at the craftsmanship!

Maintenance and Repair

Whether you have a gas, wood, or pellet stove, maintenance is key to long-lasting safety and enjoyment.

Stove King, located at 16 Bradlee Road in Medford Square, installs and services various stoves, including Harmon, Vermont Castings, Lopi, Napoleon, Regency, and many more. Schedule service online, where you can also check out their gallery of stoves or order parts for small, DIY repairs. 

The Fireplace Guys is a family-owned and operated fireplace service company located in Malden, MA. While they are focusing on gas fireplace service and repairs until March 2021, their fully-stocked vans allow for on-the-spot repairs without ordering parts and waiting for delivery. Every service and repair involves a full dismantling, a thorough cleaning, re-assembly, and testing.

Owning a fireplace also means maintaining your chimney, and Chimney Savers is proud to be Medford's favorite chimney sweep company. Whether you are looking for annual maintenance, total chimney restoration, or small repairs, their experts are at the ready to ensure safety. Check out their blog for the full range of benefits from chimney dampers to tips on burning firewood.

Sprucing Up The Fireside

Decorating the fireplace mantel is half the fun of owning one. Whether you're minimalist or like go all-out with seasonal decorations, consider these options to consider to transform your fireplace area into a cozy gathering spot:

For vintage fireplace tools and accessories, look no further than Adam's Fireplace Shop in the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge. Choose from an array of antique andirons for stacking firewood, as well as fireplace fenders, screens, and toolsets that fit your particular decorating style. Restoration and polishing services are also available; bring in your existing accessories for expert care, and your decor will shine like new! 

Are you channeling your inner Joanna Gaines? Dress up the mantel with seasonal accents or design a timeless tableau with a reclaimed wood sign from Norwich Circle Signs! All signs are hand-lettered by Medford resident Kristen Glionna, and custom work is her specialty. 

What's your favorite way to enjoy your home hearth? Are there decorating options I haven't covered? Helping homeowners find the perfect accents for their home is one of the many ways I help residents love the way they live in Medford. Reach out and share where you find items that bring you joy!

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As the chilly winds whisper outside, there's nothing quite like gathering around a crackling fire to create warmth and unforgettable memories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this insightful blog post, which presents an array of options for homeowners in Medford to enhance their hearth experiences.

The suggested shopping destinations have truly captured the essence of modern fireplace designs and convenience. HearthWorks Centers in North Reading appear to offer a diverse selection of fireplaces and stoves, with the added advantage of personalized assistance and maintenance services. Fire Element in Saugus, on the other hand, specializes in gas fireside products, providing homeowners with sleek and efficient gas inserts and stand-alone stoves. Sullivan Masonry's custom-built fireplaces are nothing short of works of art, demonstrating…

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