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A Day Away | Billerica

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

By 4Squares Residential Group in Partnership with Judi 411

Living near Boston has its benefits, but if you're looking for something a little more suburban and quaint, Billerica is the town for you! Welcome to another segment of 4Squares Residential Group's "A Day Away," where we feature fun places to spend the day across Massachusetts.

Fun Facts about Billerica

  • Billerica was initially called "Shawshin," which is now commonly spelled "Shawsheen." Settlers changed the name to "Billerica," a derivative of Billericay, a town in Essex, England, where many Billerica settlers emigrated from.

  • Billerica is home to American educator Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, whose belief that children's play was of intrinsic developmental and educational value led her to open the first English-language kindergarten in the United States.

  • Known as a "hockey town," Billerica lays claim to many professional hockey players: Robert Michael Miller, who played for the Boston Bruins, Colorado Rockies, and Los Angeles Kings; and Thomas James Fitzgerald, who played for 17 years in the NHL and now serves as the general manager of the New Jersey Devils.

Something to Do

Collins Bowladrome, 325 Boston Road. Billerica, MA

New England may be known for candlepin bowling, but Collins Bowladrome is where duckpin bowling lives on! Duckpins are shorter and stouter than candlepins, which means a different kind of fun for the whole family. Collins also hosts birthday parties and bowling leagues for kids, adults, and seniors throughout the year.

Someplace to Eat

Augusta Market, 599 Boston Road, Billerica, MA

Forget KFC; Augusta's is home to Billerica's best chicken bites. An institution for over 30 years, owners Mary Bishop and Bill Strazzere have built a reputation as the place to get "The Best Damn Chicken…Period." Grab an order of their delectable chicken bites, or savor one of their chicken cutlet subs, available in Italian, Buffalo, Ranch, or Cordon Bleu-style. Get ready to wait though…the line has been known to be out the door, but locals tell us every bite is worth the wait!

Photos: The Collins Bowladrome, Augusta chicken bites, and the inspiration for the ambitious deck and patio Turnpike Market is building on the shores of Nuttings Lake.

Somewhere to Shop

Turnpike Market is one of the oldest operating family-owned retail businesses in Billerica, serving generations of Billerica residents and visitors since the early 1900s.

Initially known for its Italian subs and deli sandwiches, the newest owners expanded the space to include a full foodie retail shop. Weather permitting, you can take in the waterfront view and enjoy a coffee and breakfast sandwich, Greek Gyro, or a sumptuous soup and salad combo. Then head back to the spirits section, where you can choose from over 700 craft beers or curate a fine wine and cheese pairing to enjoy once you get home!

Photo: Old and New market, courtesy of Turnpike Market's Facebook photo collection.

What's your favorite town to staycation near Medford, MA? Showcasing cities throughout Massachusetts is one of our favorite ways to help our readers (and clients!) love the way they live in Medford and beyond. Drop us a note at and tell us your hidden gems hangouts! Want more? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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