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Love the Way You Live | In Clearwater & St Pete, FL

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Has Covid got you thinking about making a move to another city? Looking for more space, a different climate, or to make your work-from-home salary go farther? This year, my Love the Way You Live videos will focus on what it's like to live in another city. Each month, I'll introduce you to different markets and agents around the country and discuss real estate, lifestyle and how the area compares to greater Boston.

Check out our first episode below, which features Pete Dorwin of ReMax, in St. Petersburg & Clearwater Beach, FL.

Pete shares a huge range of real estate options on Florida's Gulf Coast, including single family homes, condos, new construction, waterfront & historic charm. Plus, insider tips on how to #LovetheWayYouLive in the city of Tampa, and the nearby communities.

For more monthly updates on the Middlesex County Housing Market, and great info on living in the Boston area and select cities and towns across the country - sign up for the 4Squares Newsletter.

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