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Local Lighthouses | Fab4 September

By 4Squares Residential Group in Partnership with Judi 411

Lighthouse Extravaganza

Ahoy there, seafarers and landlubbers alike! School may be back in session, but a little bit of summer is still left to squeeze out! If you want to add a touch of maritime magic to your life before pumpkin season is upon us, look no further than these four delightful beacons of light.

Nauset Lighthouse - 120 Nauset Light Beach Rd, Eastham, MA

Nestled along the picturesque shoreline of Eastham, the Nauset Lighthouse on Cape Cod has a rich history, with several changes and relocations. Originally known as The Three Sisters, it consisted of three lights on 15-foot brick towers in 1838. Coastal erosion led to multiple rebuilds and moves. In 1892, wooden lighthouses replaced the brick towers, and in 1911, the lights were moved again due to the retreating shoreline. The current Nauset Lighthouse, made of cast iron with a brick lining, was built in 1877 and moved to Eastham from Chatham in 1923.

The lighthouse saw various modifications throughout the years, including a rotating Fresnel lens and, later, two rotating aero beacons. In 1996, it was moved approximately 300 feet to a new site across the road to protect it from the eroding cliff edge. Despite all these changes and relocations, the Nauset Lighthouse has been crucial in guiding mariners along the treacherous Cape Cod coastline for many years. The lighthouse is now expected to remain safe in its current location for another 30 years.

Photo Credit: Borden Flats Light House, in Fall River, MA. Book an overnight stay!

Nubble Lighthouse - Sohier Park Rd, York, ME

The tail end of tourist season presents the perfect opportunity for a road trip northbound to the charming town of York, where you'll find the picture-perfect Nubble Lighthouse perched on its own rocky island.

In 1874 President Rutherford B. Hayes appropriated the sum of $15,000 to build a lighthouse on this "Nub" of land, and construction was completed in July 1879 on what was known then as the Knubble Lighthouse with a 4th order light began to protect our men and women on the sea. The men and women serving in the Lighthouse Service were the first guardians who provided great care for the light and its surrounding buildings. Today, this treasure is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

While you can't reach the lighthouse, you can get close and soak in the salty breeze and late summer sunshine. And remember to check out the adorable gift shop where you can find trinkets and sea-worthy souvenirs to take home!

Photo Credit: From upper left, Nauset sketches, Nauset in fall, Nauset interior and Nubble Light House in York, ME.

Boston Light - Plymouth, MA

Our lighthouse list would only be complete with mention of the granddaddy of all American lighthouses, the legendary Boston Light. A quaint lighthouse set on Little Brewster Island touted as the oldest continually operating lighthouse in America, this lighthouse has seen it all, from the Boston Tea Party to the Red Sox winning the World Series.

Boston Light's other claim to fame? Its keeper, Sally Snowman, is the first female keeper in Boston Light's history.

While there is no public access to Boston Light due to ongoing maintenance, there are tours from the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center on the Rose Kennedy Greenway (across from the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel and next to the Greenway Carousel).

Borden Flats - Fall River, MA

If you've ever harbored the fantasy (pun intended!) of staying at a lighthouse yourself, then head down to the South Coast to the Borden Flats Lighthouse (BFL) in Fall River!

Yes, it's true. Borden Flats, situated on the Taunton River leading out to Mount Hope Bay, is only one of two lighthouses in the WORLD available for an overnight stay as an honorary lighthouse keeper. Hop aboard the ferry to the lighthouse from the Borden Lights Pier and head over to the cozy quarters for a night you won't soon forget.

And buoy, oh buoy (sorry, the puns are irresistible!), is this lighthouse popular! The BFL is booked for the remainder of 2023, and 2024 is nearly sold out. So if you're looking to fulfill your maritime dreams, book now, or you'll only be looking at the BFL from the shoreline.

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