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Links for Trash, Parking, Street Sweeping

Updated: May 3

For Arlington, Medford, Cambridge and Somerville. All the links and info you need!

New apartment, new home, new neighborhood, new neighbors. That's the good stuff. But don't forget to think about trash & recycling collection, parking permissions and street sweeping!! You'll want to check in with your town or city, and here's where to start -


Trash - Policies and schedules for recycling, trash and compost, plus hazardous waste.

Street Sweeping - Arlington sweeps all roads twice a year, in fall and spring, so you'll want to know when and where to avoid being towed.

Parking - Number one rule, there's no overnight street parking in Arlington. Here's the rest of what you might need to know, including what to do during snow emergencies.


Trash - All the info you need, plus a handy drop down menu of FAQs.

Street Sweeping - In Somerville street sweeping is fairly frequent - about twice a month, spring, summer and fall, on most streets. So it's good to know your schedule if you plan to park on the street.

Parking - Residential permits and visitor passes, plus all the info you need, here.


Trash - All your questions answered, all your refuse needs, right here.

Street Sweeping - In Cambridge, sweeping happens twice a month for most of the year; key information if your apartment does not have off-street parking included.

Parking - Here's where to get parking permits for both residents and their visitors!


Trash - In the City of Medford, check out this page from the Department of Public Works. On the bottom right are links for the trash & recycle schedule (it alerts you to all holidays and shifts in the schedule, as well as weeks for yard waste and Xmas trees). Compost, bulk item and hazardous info is there too.

Street Sweeping - The DPW also sets the city-wide street sweeping schedule - which happens for most streets only twice a year, in spring and fall. It's more frequent for what they call "main drags" so you should def figure out where you live and when they sweep, especially if you'll be parking on the street at all.

Parking is a separate department in Medford; some residential streets require residents to display a permit and some do not - good to know.

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