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Behind the Before & After | Meanwhile, in the Living Room...

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Meanwhile, in the living room . . .

While we’re busy being thankful, I should also explain that while we were away on that week-long long weekend back in September, the painting and floors did get done and those parts of the house are bringing us so much joy already.

Before we’d left, we’d emptied the entire first floor so our hardwood floors could be refinished. We knew that when the time came to refinish the floors in the kitchen, we wanted to get all the first-floor hardwood floors refinished at the same time. Otherwise they wouldn’t match, and really, is there ever a good time to get floors refinished? So for 2 months we’d been packing up our living room, my home office, and a full bathroom, and moving items slowly to the second floor and basement. It was a big project, but when September came, our first-floor rooms were empty and the floors were ready for their refinish.

As we packed up the first floor, we used it as an opportunity to pare down and declutter. We got rid of some old, dark bookcases, dated window treatments and random knick knacks. And honestly I hadn’t changed the decor in the house for over 10 , and it felt like time for a refresh. We started looking at couches, and I was SO looking forward to bringing my space into a fresh new era with new colors and fabrics.

With new floors really the last piece was fresh paint throughout. And again, this all came about because, “Well, they will be there anyway painting the kitchen”.

Now, I am not a quick decision maker when it comes to choosing paint. I google what are the “best” colors and colors that work best for east/north/south facing rooms. Or rooms with low light. I also ask my stagers what colors they are using at the moment. Then I go and buy samples and sit with them for weeks. I love using Sampilize samples - they are only $5 each and are big 12”x12” squares you can place on your walls (they are peel and stick but I always hang them with scotch tape so I can move them around from wall to wall).

For this first-floor painting project, I bought probably 3-5 samples for each space and then just started hanging them up. And I’d check the morning light vs. afternoon light and everything in between. And then it was just a slow elimination process as the days went on. But then finally I was able to make my choices - for the kitchen & dining room, the living room and the hall that connects them - and I was so excited to see how all the rooms come together.

So we bought a new couch and a new rug for the living room and they look great with the new paint color, and the new-to-us antique mantel that needed a custom installation - thanks Fresh Start!! Plus, we’ve been enjoying the new banister on the stairs which, along with the re-installed front door, makes for a wonderfully welcoming foyer. For now, we can relax in our beautiful living room and wait for the kitchen and dining room to be finally finished, and ready for us to unpack all our favorite kitchen things.

I'm writing these Behind the Before & After posts about our kitchen renovation because I want to share our process - including any bumps along the way - so that homebuyers and homeowners can get a look at what really happens when you take on a major renovation. Clients ask me all the time, "Should I renovate?" And my answer is - usually - this, "Renovate for you, now, and how you want to live" so I'm following my own advice and inviting you to follow along.

Read more about our kitchen renovation here! And feel free to comment or contact me with any questions you have!!

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