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PLEASE NOTE: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at 4Squares Residential group extend our wishes for your continued health and good spirits at this uncertain time.  We also ask that readers remain mindful of social distancing guidelines while enjoying outdoor exercise to the extent you are able. 


One of the great joys of Medford living is its walkability. As the weather gets warmer and we find ourselves outside a bit more, take the opportunity to explore the walking paths Medford has to offer in its greenspace, eclectic neighborhoods, and signature surrounds.

Nature Walks    

For many residents, the Middlesex Fells Reservation, or “The Fells” as locals call it, is one of the big advantages of living in Medford, with dozens of walking trails available year-round.  Hike along the wonderfully maintained and serene trails of Bellevue Pond leading up to Wright’s Tower, and take in the most spectacular view of the Boston skyline.  Or take the Skyline Trail, along the perimeter of the wooded landscape of the western Fells, out to the quiet refuge of Long Pond, a common spot for deer sightings. 

If a more urban setting is your preference, head over to the 3-mile loop at MacDonald Park on Route 16, across from Wegmans. Loop under the access paths beneath the Route 16 overpass and connect to the smaller 1.3 mile loop at Mystic Riverbend Park behind the McGlynn and Andrews Middle Schools, and take in the sights at Medford Community Gardens and the Riverbend Dog Park.

Of course, no list of Medford outdoor space is complete without mention of the trails and scenery at the Mystic Lakes, a series of three lakes situated on the corners of Medford, Arlington, and Winchester.  Wander the paths around the perimeter of the Upper and Lower Lakes, and take in the view of swans, herons, and ducks on the water, and the beautiful homes that dot the shoreline. 

Neighborhood strolls 

Now that the days are longer, a post-dinner stroll is back in rotation, so why not explore your own neighborhood, or better yet, one that is “new to you”?

Enjoy the various architectural styles of homes along the tree-lined, winding roads of West Medford, particularly the picturesque Brooks, Allston, and Woburn Streets, and spot a bit of nature as you watch the crocuses come up in gardens around the Lawrence Estates and Forest Street vicinities.  

On the opposite side of town, in the Salem Street/Park Street/Riverside District, you can take in the sights of row houses, attached homes, and historic residences such as the Peter Tufts House  on Riverside Avenue, which is thought to be one of the oldest brick houses in America. End your walk with a solemn moment in the iconic temple garden behind the Kurukulla Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies, located on Magoun Avenue.

Trek up Fulton Street to North Medford and see how many garden gnomes you can spot in the nooks and crannies of Fulton Heights, or stroll around the path at Fellsmere Pond in nearby Malden, and take in the views of at the top of the hill known as “ Seven Bumps.”

Exclusively Medford Experiences

Medford is known for its one-of-a-kind experiences, and a 4Squares favorite is the magnificent Brooks Estate located on Grove Street in West Medford. An urban oasis with over 50 acres of protected open space, the Brooks Estate is both an environmental and historic treasure. The Brooks Pond habitat includes fish, migrating birds, and various forest creatures, nestled in a landscape of kettle holes and wooded paths offering sanctuary for visitors seeking escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The majestic Shepherd Brooks Manor, which overlooks the property, is owned by the people of Medford, and is a permanently protected space. The ongoing restoration of the Brooks Manor is the mission of the Medford-Brooks Estate Land Trust, Inc (M-BELT), which also offers birding guides for fuller enjoyment of the property.  Be sure to pop over to the adjacent Oak Grove Cemetery and search for the giant elk monument, while enjoying the hills, paths, and outdoor gardens that have begun to bloom.

Down the Road (pun intended)

Thanks to the advocacy group, WalkMedford, we can look forward to the Clippership Connector, which will close the loop on the interconnected 10-mile continuous path leading to Medford Square from Macdonald Park via Riverbend Park and the Andrews and McGlynn schools.  Stay tuned on the development of the Connector, and check out the group’s walking maps via their website, and follow them on Facebook for fun ways to connect and roam about town.

What’s your favorite place to go for a stroll? Is there some route that maybe we don’t know about? Showcasing special nooks and crannies of neighborhoods, greenspace, and other treasured spots around Medford is one of the ways 4Squares helps homeowners love the way they live in Medford. Reach out and share your favorites! 



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