January 14, 2019 | Jennifer Keenan

If you’re like me, then every year you have a “wish list” of projects you want to get done in your house that year. Since I moved into my house in 2006, my biggest project I’ve been meaning to tackle is a complete kitchen overhaul. It is a daunting project but I finally feel I am ready to start taking steps to get the ball rolling here. I plan to meet with a kitchen designer in the spring and then start interviewing contractors with the hope to start demolition before the end of the year. Of course, I’ll keep you all posted!

Some other small projects we’d like to do around the house include widening our driveway (and changing the material of the driveway at the same time) as well as a new walkway. A new front door and storm door are also on the list.

A few things to think about if you have plans yourself this year.

1. Folks always ask me about resale value and doing renovations in order to “fix up the house to sell it”. My answer is always this: Do the renovations for YOU. Enjoy them. Live there. Use what you fix. If you are only doing it for someone else, you’ll likely pick the wrong materials or paint colors, and a new buyer could end up ripping it all out or changing it anyway. However, with that being said, kitchen and bath renovations do get you the most bang for your buck when considering selling. NO renovation will give you 100% of your money back…but on kitchens and baths you can plan for 75-80% return.

2. If you plan to organize – here is my tip. Use what you already have! I did a major cleanout last year and in preparation for getting organized I went out and bought a bunch of clear plastic storage bins. However, when I purged, I ended up with way more bins than I needed because I was able to reuse a bunch I already had that I had cleaned out. I don’t know about you, but I can get sucked into the organization store and all of their solutions…so purge first and THEN plan how you will organize what you have leftover.

3. And speaking of purging, if you really are thinking of selling in 2019, it’s a great time to start purging and packing away things you don’t need out during the sale process. Planning to list in March? Pack away all your winter clothes…why wait to pack them? Same goes for photos, seasonal shoes, scarfs/hats/mittens, etc.

And of course if you need an updated market analysis to determine your home’s latest value, just give me a call or click here to submit a request.



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