April 3, 2017 | Jennifer Keenan
Hey everyone. It’s Monday and that means it’s time to review inventory in my favorite town…Medford! If you are a buyer in Medford, you know there is not much to look at. As of right now, here are the inventory counts for Medford:

Single Family Homes available to buy: 9
Multi Family Homes available to buy: 2
Condos available to buy: 8

Of course, we should see an uptick in these numbers as we get deeper into the spring market and as the nicer weather approaches (please, Mother Nature?) But, even if 20 new condos came on the market next week, it would still not meet buyer demand. So, if you are a Buyer in Medford, hang in there and make sure you have a great agent who can help your offer stand out amongst the masses. Not sure if your agent is pulling out all of the stops for you? Give me a call and I can show you my proven strategies to WIN in a bidding war.


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